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Permanant Stock Journal

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 20, 2013, 7:48 PM
Stamp: Support Stocker Rules by FantasyStockAvatars

Did you download my Stock when it was free?

:bulletred: Many of you are asking about stock you have downloaded in the past when they were free. Here's a few rules about using the OLD downloaded stock:

- Stock can only be used on DA. No exceptions.
- No commercial use allowed except for DA prints.
- You must credit me in the DESCRIPTION.
- You must notify me with a link to your art.
- Don't claim it's yours, don't sell it, don't make stock with it, don't use it for art to be sold as commissions or Premium Content. You all know the basic rules. Stock that is in storage (that was downloaded in the past for free) is for non-commercial use only on deviantART.


Fella Point (Badges) by Ehsan-m

:bulletred: There is no more free stock here thanks to the people who constantly violated my rules by stealing, not crediting, not notifying me, cussing me out then blocking me. The stress of trying to enforce simple rules is just not worth it. I feel bad for the 99% of you who always followed the simple rules I had.
:bulletgreen:  I will only be here once or twice a week to check messages. If needed, you can reach me by email which I check daily >

:bulletgreen:  I've re-submitted some of my most popular stock as Premium Content for anyone who needs an immediate download.

:bulletgreen:  All of the Premium Content PREVIEW images are heavily watermarked. The premium content download files are high resolution with transparent backgrounds and no watermarks. There are a few stock images that are .jpg with a white background and that will be stated in the description of those images.

:bulletgreen:  I currently have 9 stock folders set up in containing ALL stock I've created in the past 6 years. Prices range from 24-32 :points: each and cost even less when purchasing groups of 10. Prices are located at the bottom of each Preview Sheet description in my Stock Gallery. The TOU (rules) are posted on my profile page and in my stock gallery.

I DO NOT require credit or notification if you buy my stock. Once you purchase something you can do anything you want with it except sell it, claim it's yours etc. It's all in the simple TOU posted here:

Shoofly-Stock Commercial TOU 12-02-2012 by Shoofly-Stock

:bulletgreen:  I've posted thumbnail preview sheets in my gallery so you can see what's available. I have lots of high quality, custom made 3D stock that isn't uploaded anywhere yet. This option is for users who don't want to sign up for an account at my commercial sites. For a 1 time fee you will be able to download any stock image you need even when you're not logged into DA. Prices are located at the bottom of each Preview Sheet description. These files will be kept in my forever, even if I leave in the future, since it's separate from the DA galleries. I have many offsite clients downloading stock from my whenever they need it. Some prefer to get a few at a time while others use the available "Download Everything as .Zip" feature built into